Kian Lawley Interview with Alexis Joy VIP Access

Alexis interviewed Kian on the Black Carpet at The Chosen movie premiere.

“From YouTube videos to acting in his first ever movie – Kian Lawley’s massive success continues to skyrocket by the milliseconds! Kian Lawley has created some of the greatest, funniest and most creative videos many of us have ever seen and now, in addition to creating the phenomenal YouTube videos we all love watching, the exceptional Kian Lawley is proving just how much of a multi-threat he is with his outstanding acting skills in his very own movie, “The Chosen” where Kian Lawley enters in the world of a thriller / scary movie. A wonderful YouTube sensation plus his terrific and impressive acting skills – Kian Lawley manages to always leave everyone in awe and surpass everyone’s expectations. Kian Lawley was destined to take over the entertainment world and be the big, shining YouTube / movie star he is today. With fans mobbing every place that he goes – Kian Lawley is one thing… a worldwide phenomenon. Just a smile, a hug, a photo or a follow on Twitter and the magnificent Kian Lawley manages to leave fans on Cloud 9 for days. Kian Lawley has accomplished so, so much and there is a lot more to come for this remarkable guy!”

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Kian Lawley Interview for ScreenSlam

“Vidcon 2015 kicked off with the premiere of The Chosen featuring YouTube sensation Kian Lawley‘s feature film debut! Other YouTube stars, including JC Caylen, Cat Valdes, and Skate Maloley joined Lawley on the carpet where they discussed the movie, posed for photos, and took selfies with fans.

Lawley stars as Cameron, a regular guy who is looking after his sister’s daughter. Initially, he thinks she is sick with something, but as more creepy things start happening, he realizes a demon has possessed his niece, and now it’s up to him to protect his family.

The Chosen is directed by Ben Jehoshua and also stars Elizabeth Keener, Mykayla Sohn, Angelica Chitwood, Chris Gann, and Dayna Devon.”

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Vote for Kian on Teen Choice Awards

Kian was nominated for a Teen Choice Award:

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Kian Lawley interview for People Magazine at Vidcon

“Kian Lawley is a busy man. The 19-year-old YouTuber just made his film debut in The Chosen, a supernatural thriller that hit Vimeo On Demand and select theaters last week, and next stars opposite Bella Thorne in the upcoming drama Shovel Buddies. Chatting with PEOPLE at VidCon, Lawley admitted the Hollywood process gave him some jitters. “I was really f—ing nervous, actually. I was terrified; it was my first audition ever,” Lawley said about trying out for the role of Cameron in The Chosen. But after he nailed the audition, Lawley eased into the new gig. “I instantly fell in love with the character. I felt there was a connection; I felt like when I went on set I didn’t have to act, I didn’t have to be someone I wasn’t – except the killing and the fighting part,” he told PEOPLE. The big-screen experience allowed the YouTube funnyman to see the mechanics of a horror production. “I do comedy in my room by myself, so it’s so different to see how that all works and get the behind the scenes on how they do the gory stuff.” As for working on Shovel Buddies, Lawley said learning from costar Thorne was “awesome.” “I went into this drama not really knowing how to act for that certain role, but she was really helpful and really talented. We would goof off on set, but once it came down to it she could cry in an instant.” Becoming a film star has required Lawley to make a few sacrifices, such as cutting back on the ink. Makeup artists had to cover up his body art for Shovel Buddies, since his 17-year-old character wasn’t technically old enough to get a tattoo. “It sucked. Every single day it was just time consuming. I had to get there like an hour before everyone else,” he said. Besides tattoos, Lawley is also putting romance on the back burner as he focuses on his career. “No relationship. I’m not looking for one either,” he said. “I’ve tried it, but it’s harder than it seems. It’s harder than it looks to juggle all those things: relationship, movies, YouTube. So yeah, a girlfriend at the moment, no.””

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Kian Lawley as Popstar Magazine’s new crush

“We caught up with Kian Lawley at the Popstar house in LA earlier this week!”

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