Kian Lawley Talking Live on YouTube for Sunrise

Kian just went live on Australia’s morning TV show Sunrise (Channel 7) with Eva (mylifeaseva) to talk about YouTube and internet.


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Kian Lawley On Shovel Buddies for uInterview

Shovel Buddies centers on the death of a teenager named Jimmy, who calls upon a trio of young survivors to fulfill his dying wish – getting buried in his favorite football jersey. The trio includes Jimmy’s sister Kate (Thorne), Jimmy’s childhood friend Dan (Lawley) and Jimmy’s little brother Lump, played by Anton Starkman.

Since Jimmy made his dying wish via Snapchat – the social media app that lets users send short videos that expire upon being viewed – those called upon to carry out the wish have trouble proving the legitimacy of it to Jimmy’s parents. “So we have to steal a body. We steal a body in the film. We steal a dead kid,” Thorne explained to uInterview in an exclusive video interview at SXSW in Austin, Tex.

Jokes aside, Thorne revealed that her character Kate is not only trying to cope with the passing of her young brother, but she’s also trying to navigate her way through the pitfalls of being a teenage girl.

“I think the one thing that girls are always so worried about is that when they have sex with a guy, the guy will never talk to them again,” said Thorne. “So, not only is she dealing with the loss of her brother, she’s also dealing with being humiliated and she’s not self-confident, kinda sleeping around to get out of that head space. I think that’s super damaging, and I think it happens really often.”

Throughout Shovel Buddies, which deals with death and the sexual politics of high school, there’s humor. For Thorne and Lawley, bringing that to the film was a breeze thanks to their easy chemistry with one another on and off screen.

“The chemistry was there,” Lawley said. “Like how in real life I’ll say something stupid and she’ll come back and she’ll say like – ”

“‘You’re stupid Kian,’” Thorne chimed in. The back and forths between Lawley and Thorne’s characters were some of Lawley’s favorite parts of Shovel Buddies. “I remember we were going to the casket to open him and I said something like, ‘We should take a picture for Facebook,’ and she came back with one of her funny [retorts],” Lawley recalled.”

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Kian Lawley and Jc Caylen wrote a book

Youtubers Kian and Jc just announced their book “Don’t Try This At Home”. Read the book description:

“From personalities and entertainers Kian Lawley and Jc Caylen comes a completely wild and entirely true account of their rise to internet fame: Kian and Jc: Don’t Try This at Home! More than 7 million YouTube subscribers, 5 million Twitter followers, and 5 million Instagram followers cannot wait for this sometimes hilarious, sometimes awkward, and always crazy collection of stories, interviews, and exclusive photos.

Fans of their YouTube channel, KianAndJc, can expect an intimate look at the comedians’ wild ride to fame and insight into their future plans, along with big laughs. This candid record of Kian and Jc’s success documents a whirlwind experience full of highs, lows, and, of course, awesome pranks.

Kian and Jc: Don’t Try This at Home! combines the raucous tone that made the duo YouTube sensations with the sincerity and honesty Kian and Jc fans have been waiting for.”

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The book will be out in stores June 28th but you can pre-order it at


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Kian Lawley on Shovel Buddies for CNBC

“The movie will also tap into Awesomeness’ staple of teen influencers, including Kian Lawley, who has more than 6 million followers on YouTube and Instagram. He took the role because though he does mostly comedic work on YouTube, he wanted to branch out into drama.

“As someone who started in the digital background, it’s an easier, better, faster platform to bounce off of,” Lawley said. “You already have so much momentum, and you already have the experience. You’re already comfortable being in front of the camera.”

He pointed out that his huge following helped him secure a leading role despite being a newer actor.

“Social media stars are kind of taking the traditional route, like movies,” he said. “I just saw someone got announced as a series regular on Disney. I think it’s becoming blurred (whether you’re a digital or traditional actor).””


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Kian Lawley interview for The Wrap

“Lawley, a YouTube star who started dipping his toes into feature films with 2015’s “The Chosen,” told TheWrap that he wants to continue on both mediums.

“I’m trying to merge, I’m not trying to transition,” he said. “I don’t plan to ditch to YouTube, I plan to do both, but it’s getting a lot more comfortable for me to dive into a new character.””

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Shovel Buddies World Premiere at SXSW 2016

AwesomenessTV movie division  Awesomeness Films has officially announced that Kian’s second movie Shovel Buddies is world premiering at the SXSW Film Festival March 14.

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