Kian and Jc’s “H8TERS” Will Have 10 Episodes on

Deadline just released more information on the new series “H8TERS”, produced by Astronauts Wanted.

“The shot-in-L.A. series will be available exclusively on Fullscreen, the commercial-free subscription service available via iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Android phones and tablets, Chromecast and online at”

“Kian and Jc have such a talent for parodying these characters and this world, the show is just one huge vehicle to let that talent run riot,” said Nick Shore, Chief Creative Strategist, Astronauts Wanted.

The H8TERS follows Lawley and Caylen in “heightened” versions of themselves as well as their own biggest haters, Frank and Zweeb, video game store employees obsessed with taking down the social media stars.

“Fullscreen has had many years of collaboration with Kian and Jc and this series is a hilarious evolution of their creative voices,” said Scott Reich, Senior Vice President of Programming, Fullscreen.

I’ve posted about this series back in May 2016, read it here.

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Gallery: by Astronauts Wanted, taken in April 2016.