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Kian and Jc on article about Tour Before The Tour in Sacramento

““It’s not something that happened overnight we had to work for it,” said Lawley of his massive fan base. (…)

The fan base of celebrities like Lawley is due to the rapid democratization of the entertainment industry, according to his manager Andrew Graham.
Graham, a senior talent manager at Big Frame, said that the audience having complete control of what, when and how they consume media partnered with the ability to give real-time feedback is key to success. Graham stated that in a few years consumers will have a larger role in shaping what is being produced, eventually becoming producers themselves.”

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Tour Before The Tour

Tour Rehearsals: Kian spent his Saturday (Halloween) at rehearsals with Jc Caylen, Joseph Hernandez and James Yammouni.

Tour: The tour starts November 1st in Anaheim, California and it ends November 6th in Seattle, Washington. On stage, Kian and Jc will do challenges and skits just like their YouTube videos while James takes care of the music.