Kian on the Intersection of YouTube and Acting for ETOnline

Back in October, while on a fan screening release of his second movie Shovel Buddies, Kian gave ET Online an interview about how he jumped from YouTube to the big screen.

“Whether it’s singing, modeling, acting, you name it, they always label you as the YouTuber, the social media kid, the social media star. It’s something that I’ve heard — a lot — but I kind of just put it to the side.”

“If I want to act, I’m gonna act. And if I consider myself an actor, that’s all that matters to me,” he says. “I get referred to as the social media kid on set, but I don’t let it bother me.” He pauses and then adds: “I try not to.”

“Acting was for sure my main goal in life. That was my ambition. That was my, like, passion from a young age,” he explains to ET. “I grew up watching Jim Carrey and I was like, ‘I want to be like him. I want to do what exactly what he does.’ YouTube was just a platform, kind of like a trampoline to, like, bounce into it at a faster rate. You know what I mean?”

“I’m known as a person who, like, steps out of the comfort zone,” he explains. “Who kind of breaks the rules and crosses the line in the sense of making YouTube videos. I don’t really follow the rules of like — not traditional, but how everyone does YouTube. And it’s kind of made me more cautious and conscious of what I put into my videos. Like, I’m looking out for stuff that could hurt me in the future or could possibly be bad for my– You know…” He tosses his hands in the air as he tries to think of another way to phrase it, but ultimately fails. “My brand. Or my career. I’m just kind of aware of how I make my videos now. I act like a kid and I feel like I need to grow up a little bit. A little bit. Not too much.”

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Kian Lawley On Shovel Buddies for uInterview

Shovel Buddies centers on the death of a teenager named Jimmy, who calls upon a trio of young survivors to fulfill his dying wish – getting buried in his favorite football jersey. The trio includes Jimmy’s sister Kate (Thorne), Jimmy’s childhood friend Dan (Lawley) and Jimmy’s little brother Lump, played by Anton Starkman.

Since Jimmy made his dying wish via Snapchat – the social media app that lets users send short videos that expire upon being viewed – those called upon to carry out the wish have trouble proving the legitimacy of it to Jimmy’s parents. “So we have to steal a body. We steal a body in the film. We steal a dead kid,” Thorne explained to uInterview in an exclusive video interview at SXSW in Austin, Tex.

Jokes aside, Thorne revealed that her character Kate is not only trying to cope with the passing of her young brother, but she’s also trying to navigate her way through the pitfalls of being a teenage girl.

“I think the one thing that girls are always so worried about is that when they have sex with a guy, the guy will never talk to them again,” said Thorne. “So, not only is she dealing with the loss of her brother, she’s also dealing with being humiliated and she’s not self-confident, kinda sleeping around to get out of that head space. I think that’s super damaging, and I think it happens really often.”

Throughout Shovel Buddies, which deals with death and the sexual politics of high school, there’s humor. For Thorne and Lawley, bringing that to the film was a breeze thanks to their easy chemistry with one another on and off screen.

“The chemistry was there,” Lawley said. “Like how in real life I’ll say something stupid and she’ll come back and she’ll say like – ”

“‘You’re stupid Kian,’” Thorne chimed in. The back and forths between Lawley and Thorne’s characters were some of Lawley’s favorite parts of Shovel Buddies. “I remember we were going to the casket to open him and I said something like, ‘We should take a picture for Facebook,’ and she came back with one of her funny [retorts],” Lawley recalled.”

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Behind The Scenes with The Chosen movie: Kian Lawley

Made in Hollywood spoke with director Ben Jeoshua and actress Angelica Chitwood to discuss their latest film, “The Chosen,” starring YouTube’s Kian Lawley.

Ben said Kian Lawley “is the manifestation of a younger Jim Carrey”.

Angelica Chitwood – who plays Cameron’s sister – said working with Kian was a blast. “He made sure to make every moment full of laugh”.

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Credits to MadeinHollywoodTV.

Kian and Jc @ Top Five Live via The Daily Dot

“I really don’t know what I’m expecting,” Lawley told the Daily Dot before their episode taped. “I’ve never had to deal with tarantulas and snakes. I’d much rather deal with pain. This is going to be a mental pain.”

Once the animals were on stage, Lawley, who kept losing challenges and having to subject himself to more creepy crawlers, drew the line at a snake and passed it off to Caylen.

“We didn’t even know what we’re signing up for,” laughed Caylen. “We did make a deal, because he hates snakes and I hate spiders.”

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Kian and Jc @ Top Five Live via Twist Magazine

Kian Lawley and JC Caylen just had a major “lions, and tigers, and bears, oh my!” moment! The guys appeared on AwesomenessTV‘s new daily live talk show, “Top Five Live,” earlier this week with host Hunter March – and there were some creepy, crawly creatures involved in their trivia game. We’re talking about huge spiders and terrifying snakes!

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Kian Lawley Interview with Alexis Joy VIP Access

Alexis interviewed Kian on the Black Carpet at The Chosen movie premiere.

“From YouTube videos to acting in his first ever movie – Kian Lawley’s massive success continues to skyrocket by the milliseconds! Kian Lawley has created some of the greatest, funniest and most creative videos many of us have ever seen and now, in addition to creating the phenomenal YouTube videos we all love watching, the exceptional Kian Lawley is proving just how much of a multi-threat he is with his outstanding acting skills in his very own movie, “The Chosen” where Kian Lawley enters in the world of a thriller / scary movie. A wonderful YouTube sensation plus his terrific and impressive acting skills – Kian Lawley manages to always leave everyone in awe and surpass everyone’s expectations. Kian Lawley was destined to take over the entertainment world and be the big, shining YouTube / movie star he is today. With fans mobbing every place that he goes – Kian Lawley is one thing… a worldwide phenomenon. Just a smile, a hug, a photo or a follow on Twitter and the magnificent Kian Lawley manages to leave fans on Cloud 9 for days. Kian Lawley has accomplished so, so much and there is a lot more to come for this remarkable guy!”

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Kian Lawley Interview for ScreenSlam

“Vidcon 2015 kicked off with the premiere of The Chosen featuring YouTube sensation Kian Lawley‘s feature film debut! Other YouTube stars, including JC Caylen, Cat Valdes, and Skate Maloley joined Lawley on the carpet where they discussed the movie, posed for photos, and took selfies with fans.

Lawley stars as Cameron, a regular guy who is looking after his sister’s daughter. Initially, he thinks she is sick with something, but as more creepy things start happening, he realizes a demon has possessed his niece, and now it’s up to him to protect his family.

The Chosen is directed by Ben Jehoshua and also stars Elizabeth Keener, Mykayla Sohn, Angelica Chitwood, Chris Gann, and Dayna Devon.”

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