Kian Lawley Talks First Starring Role In ‘The Chosen’ via Access Hollywood

“YouTube star Kian Lawley describes his new horror film, “The Chosen.” Plus, his reaction to being nominated for a Teen Choice award.”

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Kian Lawley talks ‘The Chosen’ to Entertainment Weekly

“YouTube’s Kian Lawley talks The Chosen and why making a movie was ‘terrifying’

After gaining fame as part of the now defunct YouTube supergroup Our2ndLife, Kian Lawley has accumulated more than 4 million followers between his personal YouTube channel and the one he runs with best friend Jc Caylen. Now, he’s set his sights on a movie career, and his debut horror flick The Chosen is premiering July 24 during VidCon. Plus, he just wrapped his second project, the coming-of-age movie Shovel Buddies. We talked to Lawley about what it’s like to make the switch from YouTube to the big screen.”

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Kian Lawley on the New York Times

“Acting Coaches and Rehearsals: YouTube Stars Are Getting Movie-World Lessons”

“Kian Lawley, who will be seen in “The Chosen” next month and “Shovel Buddies,” echoed that thought. “It’s hard to act in front of a lot of people,” Mr. Lawley said. “When I do videos, it’s just myself.”

His solution: “I kind of blocked it out,” he said.”

“But sometimes the advice from well-meaning acting coaches was a little too abstract. Mr. Lawley recalled one suggestion that before a scene he imagine that a vulture was perched on his shoulder, offering advice.

“It just kind of weirded me out,” he said.

The most useful lesson for Mr. Lawley came not from a coach, but from an older actor on another forthcoming movie, the supernatural thriller “The Chosen.” He suggested jumping up and down before scenes to get the juices flowing.

“It gets me focused,” Mr. Lawley said.”


“Can 20 Million YouTube Fans Make ‘Smosh: The Movie’ a Hit?”

“Plenty of Hollywood players, dazzled by Internet stars’ D.I.Y. industriousness and intense connection with an audience of millions, agree. Two other movies featuring popular digital personalities are opening the same week. In “Bad Night,” the YouTube stars Lauren Elizabeth Luthringshausen and Jenn McAllister play high school students mistaken for art thieves after wandering off from a field trip. And the supernatural film “The Chosen” features the YouTube and Vine comedian Kian Lawley as a teenager forced to battle his demon-possessed niece.

By year’s end, at least a dozen more movies featuring Internet stars are expected to be released online and in a smattering of theaters.”

“On a rainy night in the San Fernando Valley this month, a similarly cast movie was halfway through a speedy 20-day shoot. “Shovel Buddies,” part “Stand by Me,” part “Outsiders,” follows the adventures of a group of teenagers rushing to complete the “shovel list” of a friend who just died of leukemia. Joining Mr. Lawley, 19, who has more than 2.7 million subscribers on his main YouTube channel, is Bella Thorne, 17, best known for the Disney Channel series “Shake It Up.”

Mr. Lawley’s social-media impact can be impressive. After the first day of rehearsals, Simon Atkinson, one half of a British directing duo with Adam Townley (jointly credited as Si & Ad), took a photo of himself and Mr. Townley leaning against a wall and posted it to his Instagram account.

Mr. Lawley shared the image with his own Instagram followers. Sitting in a West Hollywood bar, the directors were dumbfounded as the tally of likes climbed past 150,000; by the end of the night, that figure had topped 250,000 and there were more than 100,000 comments. “We watched firsthand the power of it,” Mr. Atkinson said.”